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What is this all about

This is a non-commercial project that provides a text in many different languages that points to the disease diabetes and gives advice for first aid and the action needed in case of a hypoglycaemia. This so called diabetes identification card (diabetes-id) can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Reason fo this project

Being a diabetic myself, while planning a trip to Thailand in 2004 I wanted to carry a Thai translation of my diabetes identification card. Fortunately a colleague told me, that her brother was married to a Thai. Therefore I came to my first translation rather easily. Through people that had studied at the international United World College in Wales I was able to get hand of a lot of translations now published here.

Wording of the diabetes-ID nach oben

The text of the translations is as follows:

I am a diabetic, and am being treated with insuline ................................ If I seem to be ill, behave abnormally, or lose consciousness, please give me several lumps of sugar to eat, sweets, bread, or something very sweet to drink. If I can't swallow or if I don't regain consciousness quickly, I need an immediate glucagon injection, so please get in touch with a doctor or have me taken to hospital.

In the dotted area you may enter the name of your insulin.

Translations for downloadnach oben

Please note! The use of the provided translations happens at one's own risk. Although I am positive about the usefulness of the translations I strongly exclude liability for the provided diabetes identification cards. By downloading, displaying or using the provided translations you automatically accept these terms.

How the translations were made nach oben

Most of the translations are from the former Diabetes Portal www.diabetes-world.net which no longer exists today. With the friendly authorization of the provider I was allowed to use the text as a template and provide the translations then offered there in my responsibility.

For the translations I created the English text version of the diabetes ID was translated into their mother tongue by helpful people from all around the world, who welcome and support the benefit of this project. Before this page was published the ID card-text for every language was re-translated by at least one additional person, who wasn't familiar with the project, but has firm knowledge of the translated language. By this procedure it is guaranteed that the content of the translation matches the original text and can be basis to help in case of an emergency.

Why this format

The translations are not shown as texts but rather in a jpg-format. Through this an accidental change of the translation can be prevented. If the picture-file is loaded into a word processor ("Word" or "Open Office", for instance), by drawing the corners the image size can be changed into any comfortable size, the text itself however remains untouched.

Contact nach oben

If you want to support this project, or have any questions or suggestions, email at info@diabetikerausweis.de.

Thanks nach oben

Hence I wish to thank all the friendly people, who put their effort into the translations. Only through their support my idea could finally be realized. Especially, I would like to thank Carmen Stall and Farah Rangosch, who really made this project possible. Many thanks also go to Claus Wolff who was a great help in creating the english version of this page.

Impressum nach oben

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